Website Creation

AllWriters’ is pleased to offer custom website creation for authors. Sites will be built on a WordPress platform and hosted by GoDaddy. Site creation includes a homepage, optional blog, contact page, and up to seven other menu items. Registration and purchase of your domain name is also included, but any necessary domain name transfers are not. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social sites can be integrated into your WordPress site.

Custom site creation is $500. This is a onetime fee for the completed site, including graphics and written content. All custom graphics will be turned over to the author for their use in other areas, if desired. Recurring fees will be incurred for site updates, time spent educating the author on site editing and maintenance, and domain name registration renewal. Recurring fees will be billed at an hourly rate of $15 per hour. Domain name renewal will be billed at a rate determined by frequency.

A custom author site is a great way to showcase your blog, promote your presence on the internet, and give readers access to your work and information about you. You may wish to include an about page, an appearance page, publications, a blog, contact information, links to social sites and more. Our site designer will work with you to create a look and content that embodies you and your work.

To request more information, please contact Kathie Giorgio at or use our Contact Form.