Coaching Services

AllWriters' offers two levels of coaching to fit your needs.


Coaching is not intended for the hobby writer, but for the determined writer who truly wants to make writing into a professional career.  Writers who go into coaching are hellbent on publishing…and the writing coach provides the knowledge, the encouragement, and the correct way to go about it.

In coaching, you will be matched one on one with an instructor. Every week, you will hand in pages to this instructor, up to 20 pages if you are working on fiction or creative nonfiction, or up to ten poems if you are working on poetry.  Your coach will go over these pages thoroughly, providing you with a line-by-line edit and an overall thematic critique.  You will meet with your coach for an hour every week, face to face if possible, or via the phone or a private online chatroom if you don’t live in the area. Through this close work with a professional writer, you will truly learn the way to publication.

As your work progresses, your coach will guide you through the submission process.  In the case of short pieces, the coach will help you with proper manuscript set-up, writing the cover letter, and researching the appropriate markets.  For novels and book-length memoirs, the coach will help you write your cover letter and your synopsis, and will work with you to develop a list of at least twenty possible agents or editors.

With coaching, you pay $300 a month.  A “month” equals four meetings.  So for example, if a week arises where you are sick, on vacation, or have a previous commitment, or where the coach experiences one of these, it does not count against you. The “month” continues until all four meetings are done.

Coaching is not for the faint of heart, and it is definitely not for those who are only playing at writing. The coaching fee is non-refundable. If you are serious about your work and about success, then coaching is where you need to be.

To request more information, please contact Kathie Giorgio at or use our Contact Form.


Through AllWriters’ coaching program, hundreds of authors have finished their books (novels, book-length memoir, poetry books, short story collections, etc.). But the coaching didn’t stop there; we also helped the writers develop proper manuscript format, write a dynamite query letter, and create three attention-getting versions of a synopsis. We even taught writers how to find the markets that wanted their work, and together, we created lists of 40 potential publishers, agents, or a mix for every individual writer.

Until now, you could only receive this thorough and knowledgeable marketing help if you took your book through coaching with an AllWriters’ coach.

But now we’re starting a new program for writers whose books are already finished and ready to go, and they just need to know what to do next.

Submit Your Book Already! Coaching is a six-week one-on-one program. You will be matched with a coach that will:

  • check your manuscript’s formatting
  • guide you through writing a query letter that is professional and thought-provoking
  • write three different versions of your synopsis, matching these with the most commonly requested lengths, targeted toward making your book attention-getting and attractive
  • teach you how to find the markets that are right for your book, and then work with you to come up with a list of 40 possible publishers, agents, or a mix of both, whatever you choose to do

Each week, you will meet with your coach for an hour, either face to face, via phone or Skype. When your six weeks are up, all you will have left to do is send your manuscript out to the chosen markets.

Boom. Done.

Ready to take that final step? We’re ready to help you take it.

Fee: $350

Coaches: Take a look at our faculty page. You will be matched to a coach according to your genre.

To request more information, please contact Kathie Giorgio at or use our Contact Form.