Your Path To Publication

You’ve Done The Work; Now What?

Finally! A one-day event that answers all of your questions about how to pursue publication in magazines, anthologies, and with book publishers. Morning sessions will cover manuscript preparation and market research, showing the writer the best places to find those magazines and anthologies that are looking specifically for your work. Book markets will be covered as well, and the age-old question of whether or not you really need an agent will be examined and answered. You’ll learn about cover letters and query letters and how they’re used differently. And you’ll get rock-solid guidance on how to write the dreaded synopsis of your book. Then, after a lunch break and a chance to interact with other participants and event presenters, you will meet a full panel of experienced writers who have accomplished your goal: traditional publication of a novel, short story collection, book-length memoir, or poetry collection, as well as individual pieces in magazines and anthologies. Panel participants include:

Event will be led by Kathie Giorgio, director of AllWriters’ Workplace & Workshop and critically acclaimed author of seven traditionally published books: four novels, two story collections, and one poetry chapbook. In the last four years, AllWriters’ writers have had almost 100 books accepted for publication and an average of almost three acceptances per week in magazines and anthologies. Offering solid and proven marketing advice, Giorgio will guide event participants through all of the steps leading to publication.

This is your chance to speak directly with those who have already done exactly what you want to do. Talk to the writers who have been there, done that, and become successful.

Date & Time: May 19th, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Price: $99 registration fee/$89 Early Bird. Price includes lunch. Early Bird will run from through March 31st. Student discounted price of $80 also available.*

Cancellation Fee: No fee if cancellation occurs before May 11th. After May 11th, a $45 fee will be assessed.

Location: Frame Park Rotary Building, 1150 Baxter St, Waukesha, WI*

Registration: Via the button below or by calling 262-446-0284

Questions? Contact us via our Contact Form (click HERE) or email AllWriters’ Founder and Director Kathie Giorgio directly at *Free parking. Suggestions for hotels available upon request.

$99 General Registration:

$80 Student Registration*:

*Please note, if you sign up using the $80 Student Registration button, you will be required to show a valid student ID to attend the event on May 19th. An inability to produce a valid student ID will result in an additional fee of $19.00 to be paid at the door.

On the day of the event, no refunds will be available.

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